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To All Patriot Leadership,


Our Rally originally scheduled for Sept 18th will not fit into Senator Ron Johnson's schedule. Let anyone that you may have mentioned this to, know. We have a tentative date of October 16th and the possibility of a Friday late afternoon. We should have at least a week advanced notice.



Our Brat Fry to raise some money for our checking account will be on Oct 9th at MJ's in Hartford. We will need about 5 volunteers, one more canopy and preferable, a gas grill. My Weber grill could be used as a backup. MJ's supplies the Brats, Hamburger meat and buns. We supply the rest.


Our September Rally in the Watertown area is scheduled for Saturday the 18th. Our list of potential speakers includes Kevin Nicholson, Sen Ron Johnson, Derrick Van Orden, Julaine Appling, Sen Steve Nass, Dan Miller and maybe a couple of other candidates for Governor. No one has been confirmed as yet. Any other ideas or connections you might have would help.



August 28, 2021

There is a rally in support of HR1/S1 aka The Voter Fraud Enhancement Act in Sauk City tomorrow 8/28. This 800 page bill would federalize elections. This must be stopped. The Constitution authorizes only the states to  conduct how elections are run.

Contact your national representatives and show up tomorrow as a counter protest. .

Time 10:00

Where: Sauk City Bridge, 900 Water Street in Sauk City


Our Next Meeting:

 Thur. August 19 at 6:30 pm at Two Sisters Cafe, Watertown


A discussion of Critical Race Theory: August 12, 2021

Lake Mills - Korth park

Events (



Rise Up Wisconsin - election integrity rally

Madison, WI - Aug 6 - 12 noon