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Replacing Rinos


The purpose of this site is to provide a protocol and plan of action to replace longstanding and largely ineffectual leadership of the Washington County (Wisconsin) Republican party with new leadership responsive to local citizens rather than allegiance to a political machine and the special interests which have long controlled that machine.

       With this in mind following is the current plan

     1.Join the Republican Party of Washington County

                (you must be a registered member to vote in new     leadership.

                     a. Go to

                      b. Go to  Get Involved and click on WCRP Membership

                     form  on the drop down menu

                      c. Download the pdf membership form, fill it out and mail it to the  

                 address    indicated with check ($15 single or $25 household membership)

                  This qualifies you to vote in new leadership at the annual meeting.


             2. Call at least one like minded conservative friend and invite them to get

              involved. Point  them to this website to walk thru the process


              3. Show up at the organizational meeting (to be announced) prior to the annual

               meeting of   the  Washington County Republican party.

              4. Show up and vote at the annual meeting of the Washington County

               Republican party on February  ------------   at ------------------  Time----------

               5.  Important: Be discreet! We are not publicizing our intentions or strategy     on public forums. To the extent possible this is a "stealth" plan of action to replace non responsive and largely ineffectual leadership. It is important that present leadership not see this coming. It is estimated that 100 committed votes at the annual meeting will be enough to replace control of the party in Washington county but not if our plans are telegraphed and countered.