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We the People

Petition for a Redress of Grievances  (click here)

In a constitutional republic government and all of its entities work for "we the people". They report to us. We do not report to them. The US constitution is the contract between "we the people" and our representatives. Most often our elected and many of our appointed officials take a solemn oath to be bound by this contract. When they break faith or take actions against the interests of their constituents, they are and must be, held accountable.

Attached to this page is a petition for redress of grievances representing the various ways in which our current representatives at many levels have disregarded their solemn oath and failed to represent our interests.

If you agree with all or most of the points of this petition we encourage you to download a hard copy (or copies), sign it and send it to those officials with whom you have an issue. If we are to truly hold them accountable we strongly urge you to insist upon a written response and a list of at least three issues they agree to take action on and what that action will be. Directories for many Wisconsin officials are linked to the main page of this website.

Signing and sending these petitions one signature at a time is likely to have a greater impact  than one petition with multiple signatures (which we are also putting forward).

If you'd like to really get their attention we suggest enclosing a self addressed return envelope with a $1 bill for postage.